Meet Scott Dailey

Scott Dailey

Trained in classical and jazz piano and classical clarinet, Scott Dailey is an accomplished instrumentalist, composer and arranger.  He holds BA and BM (Bachelor of Music) degrees in music composition and music education, respectively, from San Jose State University, and a BA in English from Stanford University.  In addition to teaching piano, clarinet and beginning saxophone, Mr. Dailey also offers instruction in composition and music theory.

Mr. Dailey has taught music at the elementary, high-school and collegiate levels, is the winner of a special citation for outstanding musicianship from the National Association of Jazz Educators, and has composed and arranged for stage shows, corporate video and advertising.  He is also a published jazz scholar.  For five years, he played jazz piano weekly at La Tosca in San Carlos, and his ensemble, the Scott Dailey Trio, has performed widely on the Peninsula.  Mr. Dailey’s playing on the trio’s first album, “Fast and Loose,” earned praise from critics at and the Jazz Society of Oregon.  In addition to teaching and playing jazz, Mr. Dailey accompanies the Coastside Chorale in Half Moon Bay.





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